Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Bunter Abend; and eBay

This evening, we had a little activity at church on the occasion of our annual ward conference which is tomorrow.

There were several interesting contributions, for example a dance performance by a five-year-old and his younger brother. The Young Women acting out beach scenes to Like Ice in the Sunshine was also funny. The food at the end wasn't bad, either :)

When I came in, the bishop greeted me with, "My, you're growing a bit of a paunch, aren't you?" Bettina was a little shocked ^^

Hella announced the individual performances. She was wearing a dress that fitted her figure well. Later on, as it got warmer, she took off something she was wearing around her neck, and I could see it was fairly low-cut (especially, perhaps, by church standards), and it showed a bit of cleavage occasionally.

I couldn't seem to take my eyes off her but I felt uncomfortable at the sight as well. Still, apart from that it looked good. And I think she had the figure for it -- she'd probably also look good in a corset.

I talked to Ulf about it afterwards and he said she had got it from a theatre where they sell off costumes or something like that, and they, of course, don't necessarily produce them to Church standards.

I also talked to Hella and mentioned it briefly. She said she liked wearing it but that it was rather uncomfortable since it was so close-fitting (she also had to have Ulf help her into it).

There was also a game of "Taboo" with church-related words; for this, we were split up into two groups. I helped our group get six points by describing words to them (which included "restoration", "baptism", "missionary", "Nephi", and "fast"; the sixth I can't remember). I also helped the other group get one point when I answered the first question over-enthusiastically even though it was their turn :(. But in the end both groups tied with 18 points each.

Stella bought a Laura Ashley dress over eBay... the dress was only availably by "Buy Now", and the funny thing is I'm sure it was €24 at the beginning but only €15 when we had another look this evening (it expires tomorrow). She wasn't sure at first whether she liked it but when she saw the price had gone down, she went for it.

She also throw out a bunch of books she doesn't want any longer and is considering auctioning them off at eBay. I asked Peter today and he said he'd lend us his digital camera so I can take pictures of them to go with the listings.

She also considered getting a Jornada 545 that was on auction but she only wanted to pay €45 or so and it finally went for €110... on the other hand, there's a 548 which expires tomorrow (the same model I have, with twice the RAM of the 545) which also comes with a 128 MB CompactFlash memory card which she has her eyes on... it started at €100 but since it comes with an expansion card, three months' warranty, no postage&packing, and twice the RAM of the 545 she's wondering whether she'll pay the higher price.

And there's another Laura Ashley dress she has her eyes on: a white one with flowers that's at €6.50 at the moment. That'll also expire tomorrow IIRC.
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