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I've been digging around in my stuff for things to sell on eBay and am not coming up with anything.

My belongings seem to fall into two main categories: (a) ancient computer stuff (ten-year-old programs or hardware) and (b) books (mostly computer books, many of them several years old and therefore out-dated as well).

Most of (b) I don't want to part with, and most of (a) wouldn't fetch any money.

On the other hand, Stella has been selling her stuff off and on for the past months and has earned a fair bit! Nearly all of it went into household money rather than her own allowance, but still—how come she has so much stuff and I don't?

Am I just not the person to accumulate non-book stuff? Perhaps.

I also have a bunch of copies of the Shaw Alphabet edition of Androcles and the Lion, which I've acquired over the years with a view to selling them... but the market for those is pretty small, I'd imagine, and nobody needs ten of them at any rate. That was probably one of my more stupid investments (three books might have made sense, but I've got a dozen or more, some of which I paid $15 or so for which I imagine I'll never recoup). *sigh*

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