Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Christmas Eve so far

Stella made a really nice three-course meal on the occasion: it wasn't ready until four but the wait was well worth it.

First, a vegetable soup with some little shell-shaped noodles in it. The main course was red cabbage and potatoes (croquettes for Stella and Amy) with meat and gravy, and there was a peach-flavoured dessert in little glasses. Yummy, most of it.

In the evening, we read what Germans call "the Christmas story" (the beginning of chapter 2 of the Gospel according to St. Luke) in English and German (with an old Luther translation for German since I think it sounds more "Biblical") and listened to Christmas music.

Presents will under the tree tomorrow morning, in the Anglo-American style; I rather like that arrangement, for several reasons (not only because it's what I'm used to). One of those reasons is that it frees up Christmas Eve to be a more sedate and (hopefully) spiritual time.

Stella got her period again this weekend—her first period in two years, if you don't count about six weeks of lochia postpartum. The benefits of breastfeeding a child :) Stella certainly wasn't complaining that Aunt Flo hadn't come by earlier.

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