Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Moving saga, part the next

It appears at the moment that we'll definitely be moving out—about three metres downwards.

The people below us are moving out towards the end of February, and Stella asked whether we could have their flat after they're gone, and the landlord seemed amenable.

Advantages: the rooms will be shaped the same way as in our flat, so we know everything will fit and where all the furniture will go. Stella won't have to carry the pram (plus sleeping Amy, sometimes) up a flight of stairs. We'll have a little terrace. We won't have to tell anyone a new address. The rent will probably stay the same. Stella gets to move house and to decorate, something she likes doing. We get a new oven. The television cable is already laid into the bedroom so we can hook up the computer to that without having to duct-tape the cable around the bathroom door frame.

Almost no cons. Have to arrange for utilities to be changed, but that's pretty much it, I think.

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