Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Tanja's wedding

I took the day off today to go to Tanja's wedding. I was glad that she had invited Stella and me; we were one of only two couples at church who were invited (besides family, of course). I rather like Tanja and so I was glad I could share the occasion with her. Fortunately, it wasn't a problem at work to get the day off.

Schl�ters picked us up this morning at 10 o'clock -- a quarter of an hour earlier than we had arranged, so we weren't quite done. However, arrangements had changed and so they had had to leave earlier; they were going to meet the family first somewhere since they didn't know exactly where the wedding would take place.

Tanja was wearing a light pink dress made out of what looked like "raw silk", and she had put up her hair. It didn't look that bad at all.

We all went into the hall where the wedding would take place; it was fairly large and we all fitted in; there were even nearly enough seats for everyone. When I went past Tanja, she caught my eye and said hello to me; that made me happy.

The official performing the ceremony was a woman. She gave a talk to the couple--well, to the threesome, actually, since Leon (Kai's and Tanja's son) was also sitting there at the table with them. Then she pronounced them man and wife and asked Kai to "kiss the bride", which he gladly did :-). Then they exchanged rings; Leon got one, too (on a chain around his neck).

When the ceremony was over, the guests had the chance to congratulate bride and groom. I told Tanja I wished her much happiness and she said she reckoned she would.

After that was over, they had to cut a heart out of a large cloth together and then Kai had to carry Tanja through it. Then there were drinks (sparkling wine and orange juice) for everyone outside the building. Tanja's kindergarten group had also come and formed a corridor for the couple to march through.

Next, it was off to the photographer's because Tanja wanted some pictures of the family as well, since they're not often together. (Stefan and Elaine were also there, as was Kathrin's friend Jens.)

When that was over, too, Schl�ters took us home to them, so that we wouldn't have to go all the way home and then come back in the evening for the reception.

During the ride I mentioned that I had taken the day off especially so that I could attend, and Anika said that Tanja had said that she was happy that I had been able to make it. Hearing that made me very happy--to know that Tanja had appreciated my coming.

(And that also answered a little question I had had whether Tanja had invited Stella [and me along, to be polite], or whether the invitation was really for both of us. So I guess she likes me, too--as a friend, I mean.)

(And along those lines--Kathrin greeted me with a hug, as she usually does, but this time her boyfriend was standing next to her. So it made me more glad than usual that she still decided to greet me with a hug. I like both of them, Tanja and Kathrin, and I do wish Tanja every happiness.)

Please excuse spelling mistakes; I'm writing this on my PDA with the handwriting recognition feature. (Wow--it's taken me over half an hour to write this much; it's 14:18 now.)
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