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Studs from Microsoft!

Ages ago, a friend of mine lent me a stack of ten or so CDs; with what I know now, I think they were probably from an MSDN subscription.

I think one of them had the Japanese version of MS-DOS, which I tried out for a day or two (and used EDLIN for probably the only time, to modify autoexec.bat, since EDIT.COM didn't work under my configuration due to the fact that the Japanese version of MS-DOS appeared to run in graphics mode).

Another had a video clip called Studs from Microsoft; I remember that I could either (a) listen to the dialogue or (b) watch the video (with something like 1 fps or so), but not both, since my machine (a 486SX-25) was simply too slow to handle that.

Every once in a while, I'd wish I could find that video again, but since I didn't remember the name (only the rough plot), nor where I had seen it, I thought it was a lost cause.

However, recently Raymond Chen (?) posted an entry in his blog The Old New Thing titled "Studs from Microsoft"—and it even include a link to the video clip of the sketch! Whee!

Go take a look at it. It's a parody of dating games, featuring three super-stereotyped Microsoft programmers and two unfortunate women.

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