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Amy is patient

Amy seems to be becoming more and more patient—which is handy, of course.

For example, she'll wait in her high chair for us to make her some slices of bread, and she'll wait (a short while) for Mummy to come back into the room.

She's also much more willing to let herself be put back in bed when she wakes up at night… the few times I went to her, I took her out and held her in front of my chest with her head on my shoulder while I stroked her back for a minute or so, then I laid her back in her bed and stroked her back a bit more. She didn't seem completely happy, but doesn't put up a fuss, either—and I presume she falls asleep fairly quickly once I leave the room.

She used to have to be rocked and sung to sleep (if I was there) or demanded to nurse (if Stella was), though she'd end up just lying there and not actually drinking most of the time. I'm glad she's a bit more independent in that respect; makes life easier for us.

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