Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

LJ friends page on PDA - no dice

I tried to create a custom friends view that would let my view my friends page on my PocketPC as an AvantGo custom channel, but no dice.

I created a style which was fairly minimalist (no userpics, very little markup, no tables, etc.) and it seemed to work out all right. I also had &checkcookies=true at the end of the URL (and it worked in the preview in my real web browser). I also tried to login from my PDA and got a result page (after the next sync) saying "Hello, pne". But still I didn't get friends-only entries when I viewed the page on my PDA.

Also, the links didn't seem to work properly -- I changed the links to include &usestyle=lynx for a "lighter" format, and that worked, too, on my browser, but not in the PDA. So it tried to display the left-hand navbar and indented entries and userpics and all sorts of stuff I didn't want.

After a couple of tries I just gave up and removed my custom channel again. Pity; it would have been nifty.

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