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We get signal!

Internet at home again. Whee!

(Was supposed to happen on Friday, and indeed my ADSLWatch program told me that I was able to sense an ADSL signal, but I couldn't "dial in"—when I tried to authenticate with the server, it rejected my username/password combination. When I phoned up, I was told that I was still listed as an analogue or ISDN user but that this should be fixed within the next business day or two. I found this bizarre, given that 1&1 themselves had told me that the technical side of the ADSL connection would be ready on the 10th; I assumed that the IP connectivity part would be available at the same time.)

Also, we just came back from a weekend in Wuppertal to visit my sister, whose birthday it was on Sunday.

Had dinner with them and some friends of theirs after church on Sunday, then supper in the evening with one of those familes who lives just down the road from Jennifer and Kay.

The trip went relatively uneventfully; they had snow there, too, but not as much as here (after a full day of near-continuous snowing on Friday and some more snow on Saturday, we measured 20 cm/8 inches of snow on a table on the terrace), and aside from some difficulty getting the car out of a heap of snow on Sunday morning, things went well. The train trip in particular presented no problems beyond the minor inconvenience of a compartment labelled "small-child compartment" yet was merely a regular compartment with no accommodation for small children to speak of (such as space to put a pram).

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