Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

State of the Amy

Amy's still got diarrhoea and she throws up occasionally, but her fever appears to have subsided. And she slept for most of last night (from seven until half-past two and again from four until eight or so—the bit in between was a bit stressful for us, though, with crying and throwing up multiple times and generally being cranky).

On an unrelated note, she's very co-operative when getting her nappy changed, which makes me happy. She'll walk over to the changing table (my grandfather's old desk) and wait to be lifted up onto it; she'll let you lay her down and will wait patiently (though she prefers to have something in her hands to play with). When you're putting the nappy under her, she'll even spread her legs a bit so that you can bring up the bottom part more easily between them.

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