Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

An odyssey

Amy had been doing better in the afternoon, but towards five, she threw up again—first a little bit when she saw Stella eating something (I suppose her subconscious imagined herself eating it and her stomach said Ixnay), and a bit later, she vomited for real.

Stella decided to take her to a local hospital where they see children at weekends; with only two children before us, we got seen fairly quickly. A doctor listened to Stella's description and checked Amy out, and said that her skin was beginning to show signs of dehydration but that we should try giving her fluids in small quantities as well as give her an antiemetic.

Sonja had given us some dimenhydrinate suppositories, which he said we should give her twice daily to enable her to keep the fluids down; he told us not to be too ambitious with the amounts, since it's better to give small feedings which she keeps down than a whole sippy cup at once which she might vomit up again.

Stella asked the doctor whether he knew any trick to keeping the suppositories in, since the last time Stella had tried to give her one (against fever), Amy went all red in the face and screamed and eventually managed to push it out again, and he prescribed some syrup.

Then we wondered where we'd get medicine on a Sunday, and decided to try a chemist's in Harburg who was fairly convenient by car: if they weren't on weekend duty, they'd at least have a sign up saying who was. Turned out that the chemist on duty was two streets away from the one I checked, so I walked there. Unfortunately, the chemist said that they didn't have the syrup any more since it had been very popular recently (apparently, there's some kind of "bug" going around at the moment) but that she could offer some suppositories… which didn't help us since we had some of those anyway but specifically wanted an alternate delivery method. So we tried the other chemist's (there are always two on duty—theoretically one is until 22:00 and the other until next morning at 08:30, with the one I checked being the one on night duty rather than weekend duty).

Thomas said he'd drive us out to Neu Wulmstorf where the chemist's on evening duty was, and before we set off he phoned them to ask whether they'd have the syrup. The chemist there checked and said he did, so we set off.

Unfortunately, when we got there, they had none. He blamed the computer, saying that according to it, they still had some in stock, but he hadn't been able to find any and they were out. He offered us some suppositories as well, which wasn't helpful. Meanwhile, Stella changed Amy's nappy, in the back of Thomas's car for want of a better place.

After a while, the chemist came back and said he had phoned around and had found another chemist on dury in a town a bit further down the road, and that he had asked them to reserve the syrup in our name and that it would definitely work out this time. He also gave us a little bag of licorice as an apology for not being able to fill our prescription.

Stella wasn't particularly enamoured at the prospect of driving yet further, but then decided to go and get the syrup, since Thomas had volunteered to drive us out there, since she thought if Amy rejected the suppository, she didn't fancy taking Amy to the hospital. (The doctor had said that if she kept vomiting despite the medicine, we'd have to take her in to the hospital and they'd keep her there for a bit. They would be able to admit Stella at the same time, though.)

So we ended up driving out to Neukloster. Finding the chemist was easy, since it was on the main road. The lady on duty was rather nice; she didn't even ask me to pay the regular off-hour duty surcharge. Stella gave Amy a dose of the syrup and we drove back.

Amy slept for most of the journey back, which I'm sure was a good thing; when we got home, Stella nursed her and so far, she's kept everything down. Stella's going to make her some tea with glucose (which the doctor strongly recommended) in a bit.

Let's hope the night will be good. And let's hope they can go to the doctor on Monday morning; we had wanted to take her in on Friday but the pædiatricians were on strike.

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