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April Fool's Eve

Tomorrow is the 1st of April; traditionally a time for practical jokes (or occasionally, "being mean to someone, and then attempting to disallow them from being upset by implying that such would indicate a lack of a sense of humour").

I wonder what the Usual Suspects (such as Google or LiveJournal) will do… I can imagine that whatever Google does will sound interesting, and whatever LiveJournal does may or may not spectacularly backfire and/or be appreciated only by 0.5% of the userbase.

Anyway, you may wish not to believe everything you read and hear tomorrow.

For those of you who will be taking part: please act responsibly. And as rho asked in the post I linked to above, "do be careful and only pull pranks on people who will actually appreciate them, and not on those who are going to be resentful." (Or, I might add, on those who are bad at picking up social cues.)

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