Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Bad Homburg

After lunch today, Stella and I went to Bad Homburg. Initially, I had planned to take the train there and then just walk through the Kurpark there, but when I had spread out my map on a table in the cafeteria, Brother Blume asked me whether I was planning on going to Bad Homburg. He said it's easily reachable on foot in under an hour, walking along a footpath alongside the main road between the towns.

Since the weather was good, Stella and I decided to go there on foot after all, but to follow a hiking trail through the forest rather than walking along the main road. We found the route easily since it was mostly straight ahead; it was also well signposted.

We reached the Kurpark in about 1:05. After having a look at the "Siamese temple" (erected after Chulalongkorn, the king of Siam, was cured after using the spa there), we sat down on a bench to enjoy the sun.

Stella would have gone back on foot but I wasn't too keen on that, so we walked to the station (which wasn't that easy, since the park isn't that small and I couldn't always find the correct paths to take) and took the train home.

Since it was the first one to leave, we took the Bad Homburg--Grävenwiesbach train, which was a first for me (and a train I had been wanting to take for quite a while, only the opportunity never presented itself before).
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