Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


Today while preparing lunch (empty contents of two tins of soup into pot; heat until warm; serve), I had the chance speak a little with Nadine's husband.

I wasn't sure whether they were married yet or not but decided to assume they were, and asked him how long they had been married for. He said three months and ten days--so they're still at the stage where one counts days :-)--and that they would have been engaged for eight months a couple of days ago.

I asked him his name and he said he was Mirko (Mirco?) Langbehn. His family used to live in Großkummerfeld near Neumünster but are now in Bad Segeberg branch. Mirko and Nadine live in Iserbrook, near Blankenese, and belong to Altona ward.

He had served a mission in the England London South Mission; his first city was Maidstone, where my great-aunt lives. It was pleasant talking to him. (Though when Nadine came to him, I became nervous and was glad that the soup was nearly ready to serve. Seeing her just reminds me of how pretty she is.)
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