Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


Nadine Rade (or whatever she's called now; I think she's married already) is here, too, with her fiancé/husband as well as her parents.

I think she's really pretty, and was reminded of that when I saw her again. She's gained a little weight but she still looks great.

Today I also saw her in her white dress and she looked really good in that; when I remarked that to Stella, she said that it's "Julia", the dress that Ireen has, too. They don't sell that dress any more, but it's really pretty.

This evening while Stella and I were eating supper, Nadine and her husband/fiancé and parents were also preparing a meal. I wanted to ask her whether that dress was indeed "Julia", but Stella discouraged me, saying that it was and I needn't ask.

I restrained myself successfully, though it was hard since I walked past her a couple of times while putting away the dishes and the opportunity would have presented itself.

I love Stella and she makes me happy, but I still can't help noticing pretty women sometimes, and Nadine just makes me feel *sigh*... she's pretty. .oiro'i la nadin. melbi
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