Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Two-word sentences

Recently, I've heard the first two-word sentences from Amy.

A few days ago, I was sitting on the toilet when she opened the door and said [dɛdɛ ko] "Daddy toilet" (the second word from German Klo—though she seems to pronounce it with an unaspirated [k]!). And this morning, I was trying to sleep in a little after she had already woken up, and while she was playing around on Stella's side of the bed, Amy looked over to me and said [ɕ̩ ɕ̩ dɛdɛ] "sleep Daddy" = "Daddy is sleeping"!

(I'm not entire certain how to notate her word for "sleep"—it's a sibilant of some form, but it's not [ʃ] nor [ç]. [ɕ]? [ʂ]? At any rate, it's usually doubled, and almost certainly from the onomatopoetic form Stella and I use for mimicking sleep sounds: something like [χ] with ingressive airstream and a simultaneous [ɔ] sound followed by [çʉ] for Stella and maybe [ɕʉ] for me.)

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