Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Taxes :: Hella

Handed in my tax return yesterday; even though the deadline was 31 May, the lady didn't mention anything but just processed my forms. She asked me whether I hadn't had any expenses for driving to and from work, and I said that I had but that they were below the €900 or so that are deducted anyway if you don't claim more expenses than that, so I didn't bother listing them. I also got in pretty quickly; I had to wait for maybe two minutes. Maybe I should always hand in my taxes after the deadline :) The tax program said we could expect about €850 back, so that would be nice.

In the evening, we went to Hella's; she had invited the missionaries for dinner but they preferred not to be alone with two women (mission rules, I believe) so we came along as well. It was pouring with rain, which was a bit surprising given that the sun had shone for most of the day, but oh well.

The missionaries talked about the signs of the end times, a topic Hella had wanted to hear more about.

After that, we had dinner together; Hella and Lara had set up a grill and there were grilled meat and sausages, as well as salads and bread. I could only eat a little bit before I set off home; trains only ran every hour and I wanted to be home by nine.

Stella stayed on, but I took Amy home (it was about an hour past her bed-time as it was); that went fairly well, except that getting into the first train with the stroller was a bit of a hassle since the door was so narrow that navigating the steps with a stroller in my arm was difficult. Fortunately, I had someone to help me the other times I got on or off trains.

Amy still seemed rather lively, but after reading her a couple of books and saying a prayer with her, she let me put her into her bed without any fuss at all; in fact, she seemed almost a bit relieved. So that went pretty well; I'm glad she went to bed so easily even though Mummy wasn't there.

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