Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Today, Gesa invited us out to eat at a Hungarian restaurant in Friedrichsdorf called "Paprika".

She had inquired beforehand whether they had a non-smoking area and they said that if we went at lunchtime, they would declare the back room (which they use for functions in the evening) a non-smoking area, so we went there today at around one and were shown into the back. We were to remain the only diners in that room, which suited us fine.

The restaurant is a small, family-run business specialising in Hungarian and Balkan cuisine. Most of the time, we were served by a young lady who was obviously pregnant; it made me happy just as I feel happy nearly every time I see a pregnant woman. I think it's because Stella likes babies so much that I feel for the woman and imagine that she must be very happy for the baby she carries inside her.

I felt a bit guilty that the Balkan dishes (ones I usually associate with Yugoslavian restaurants) interested me more than the Hungarian ones, but since Gesa and Stella also ordered from that page of the menu, I decided to go with it. Stella had minced meat filled with feta, Gesa had a dish of mixed grilled meat, and I had "half and half" -- cevapcici and raznjici (apologies for the missing accents; I don't know which ones are correct).

When the waitress brought us the food, I said, "Köszönöm szépen," and she looked at me a bit surprised and said, "Szivesen" and then something which I couldn't understand completely but which was probably something like "Oh -- do you speak Hungarian?", since I heard "beszel" and "magyarul" out of it.

I was a bit surprised to be answered in Hungarian so it took me a while to dredge my brain for some more words and finally came up with "Nem... nem beszelem magyarul", to which replied, "Nem beszel... nur ein paar Wörter." (only a few words), and I said, "Yes." She said she was convinced since my pronunciation was fairly good and she would have believed me I spoke Hungarian. I like showing off my languages :)

The food was good and the serving staff (the young lady and a young man), who went through the room every now and then because the serving hatch to the kitchen was just behind us, inquired occasionally whether everything was all right.

On the whole, it was a very nice experience and I'd recommend the restaurant again... that is, if you can secure a non-smoking room. When we left through the front room, I saw how smoky it had become (it wasn't like that when we came) and I was glad I hadn't sat there.
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