Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Amy’s playgroup

Yesterday afternoon, Stella persuaded me to come to Amy’s playgroup with her since “you’re the only dad who hasn’t been there yet at some point.” So since I’m on holiday, I went.

I met a number of other mothers and, of course, their children. For much of the time (between opening and closing activities and songs), the mothers sat around a table, drank tea or coffee, and chatted, while the children played with one another. The children are all around the same age since the playgroups are grouped by birth date, so children keep growing up together. (So this group is not “children who are two” or something like that but “children born between June and October 2004”, and has stayed together since the children were less than a year old, and will continue until they’re three.)

I found that at least two children are being raised with more than one language: Tom hears German, Greek, and Dutch (his father is Dutch and his mother is Greek), and Laetitia hears German and French (her grandmother is French and her mother already grew up bilingually; she speaks both languages to her child).

Gini, Laetitia’s mother, also started a French-speaking playgroup which I’ll try to tell Cuveliers about. (Though they already know about it since Sister Cuvelier met Gini at Toys “Я” Us by chance one day. However, Gini said they never called her, but then, she was away on holiday for a bit in the past few weeks.) Gini said that they usually speak French at playgroup but occasionally forget and lapse into German :)

Yay bilingual children!

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