Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Sprach- und Sprechstörungen

The other day in Wolfsburg, I saw a sign for a speech therapist who advertised help with “Sprach-, Sprech-, Stimm- und Schluckstörungen” (something like: speech, speaking, voice, and swallowing problems).

My first thought was, “Aren’t those first two the same thing?” But after a little thought, I think they’re not.

They’re both from the same root, but to me, Sprachstörung feels as if it’s connected more with the noun Sprache (speech, language) while Sprechstörung feels as if it’s connected more with the noun sprechen (to speak). So I imagine that a Sprachstörung is more something like “pronounces [t] instead of [k]” (problems with language sounds: phones and phonemes) while a Sprechstörung more something like “stutters” (problems with the more fundamental action of speaking, regardless of language sounds).

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