Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

You know you’ve stayed in a hotel too often when…

…they don’t ask you for your room number any more at breakfast.

The first time, last week, I had wondered whether each server thought another one had already asked me for my room number, then I wondered whether they had remembered from the day before.

But when I was eating breakfast there yesterday, nobody asked me for my room number, either, even though a server had come to my table to ask whether I wanted coffee or tea. And even though I (obviously?) had a different room from last week. (For that matter, a room I had never stayed in before.)

The only obvious conclusion is that they recognise me now and just look up my name in their list or something, rather than looking for me in the list by room number. (To make sure that the person chowing down on the food (a) has paid for a room in the first place and (b) has booked a rate including breakfast, I suppose.)

As for me, I only know one server’s name. I seem to see her more often than others, too, but that’s perhaps because I know her name and so she registers on my subconscious more than someone whose name I don’t know and might not connect as easily with a memory of having seen them before.

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