Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Children say the darndest things

One of Amy’s newer words is “room”; she seems to use it specifically to refer to her room and will sometimes drag me there and say, “Room, room!”. Though since she can’t pronounce the /r/ properly yet, it sounds as if she’s talking about her womb!

Stella told me this story. One evening, Amy had come out of her bed and Stella told her to get back to bed. She said to her, “Ab ins Bett!” and Amy completed the utterance: “Zack, zack!”

Stella and I found that really funny. “Zack, zack!” is hard to translate; it’s an interjection you use when something is supposed to be done quickly, perhaps something like “and make it snappy!”—so it’s something that might be used by an impatient parent, but not by the child who’s supposed to be carrying out the order. So when she did use it, the effect was rather comical.

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