Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Lara’s birthday

Yesterday was Lara’s birthday, and her mother had organised a surprised party for her, to which quite a few people, including we three, were invited.

They had a karaoke game running on the new PlayStation Lara had got for her birthday, and several people had fun with that—including me. I wasn’t particularly good at it, I felt, but it was fun just the same!

Getting there and back was mixed: since it was a public holiday in Germany and trains ran according to the Sunday timetable, trains ran all the way to Harburg and we didn’t have to change in Buchholz; however, they only ran every two hours instead of every hour.

Amy fell asleep in her stroller on the way there, which was perhaps just as well, since it made it easier for her to stay awake during the evening, even when it was later than her usual bedtime.

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