Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Back and forth

Today it was back and forth between Harburg and home.

In the morning I went and wanted to visit my ENT doctor; however, she wasn't in, so I made an appointment for the afternoon. Then I went to the chemist's to pick up some anti-mite spray but they said they'd have to order it first.

In the afternoon, I went to the doctor. She said that while the dexamethasone I use in the evening works quickly, it shouldn't be used for a long time, while the stuff I use in the mornings (a) works for longer time per use and (b) can be used over a longer period of time (months rather than weeks). She suggested I try using it mornings and evenings if I feel it doesn't work well. She also strongly recommended I take my [forgot the generic name or the German brand—the American brand name is "Claritin"] when the summer comes and pollen flies; I shouldn't let hay fever symptoms develop, especially coughing or throat soreness or other respiratory problems as they could develop into asthma if not checked in time. She wrote me another prescription for my morning spray.

I went to pick it up at the chemist's and also the mite spray and detection kit; the latter was there but the former wasn't (even though it was on the manifest the supplier had sent and even though the chemist had been charged for it) and so they had had to order it from another supplier but it wouldn't be there until the evening. I left the kit with them because it's supposed to be refrigerated.

In the evening, then, I went to pick up the kit and the spray, which had arrived in the meantime. Now I'm finally at home again.

Stella's not here, though; I assume she's at Bettina's, who had an operation today and wanted Stella to come over when she got back because she didn't want to be alone at home until she had fully recovered from the general anæsthetic she would receive.
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