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Of Amy G. and Isabeau (or: who said dreams had to make sense?)

Tonight, I dreamed I was in California, so I thought I'd pay isabeau a visit.

When she let me in, she was on the phone, so I had a look around. I saw three girls playing on the floor of her flat: Amy, Taya, and another girl I didn't recognise. I thought that my aunt in Germany was looking after the girls, but apparently, she had "subcontracted" the task out to Isabeau.

Since cest_amy lived right next door (never mind that she's in an entirely different state IRL...), I thought I'd visit her next, but then she came over to Isabeau's place first. She was about 45 years old, which surprised me.

I think there was more bizarrity involved, but that's all I can remember in the morning.

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