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Friends-only posts

OK, a while back, in another entry, I had a poll about friends-only posts.

I made the answers available to me only because I thought some people might not want to have their views public. However, most participants agreed to let me put their name to a score, so for those who are interested, this is what people answered.

(If I have your name listed and you'd prefer it to be removed, or if you'd like a statement removed or anonymised, leave a comment or send me email, preferably by Sunday evening.)

1. How much of your journal is Friends-only (in percent)?

(Technical note: the poll creator doesn't let you specify "0" as the beginning of the scale; it gets changed to "1" as soon as you add another option. I later found out that "0" is a valid value, and that changing the value in the generated code will work. However, since I didn't know this until later, the possible values are 10-100 rather than 0-100. This probably skews the results a bit; values of "10" mean, rather, "0-10%" and it's hard to tell how many are closer to 0% and how many are closer to 10%.)

Mean: 38; Median: 20; Standard Deviation: 36

10%: pne, pdcawley, marketeer, corvus, timwi, bride, n_true
20%: alister, nik_w
30%: (no-one)
40%: (no-one)
50%: (no-one)
60%: (no-one)
70%: sparkofcreation
80%: marnameow
90%: nassus, marikochan
100%: uon, cugami

2. Why do you make friends-only posts?
When they're too boring for "random people"pne, nassus, uon
Because I like to know who reads my journaluon, nik_w, marikochan
When it's a sensitive subject that I don't want everyone to knowpne, nassus, uon, alister, marketeer, cugami, corvus, nik_w, bride, sparkofcreation, n_true
When I talk about my feelingscugami, sparkofcreation
Because I'm paranoid.uon, sparkofcreation
Other reasonsmarnameow, cugami, marikochan, bride

3. Other reasons?
I'm not going to identify posters here, but some answers were, Because I feel like it, I was wondering how posting friends-only would change my writing style and content, When I post pictures of myself or my family, and Because I know of particular people who read my journal whom I didn't want to.

4. Do you use custom friend groups to control who can read certain friends-only posts?

Yes: pne, uon, marnameow, nik_w, marikochan, bride, sparkofcreation
No: nassus, pdcawley, marketeer, cugami, corvus, timwi, n_true

5. If so, how many such custom friends groups do you use?

None: (those who voted "no" for question 4)
1: marnameow
2: uon, nik_w, marikochan
3-5: pne, bride, sparkofcreation

6. How much of your journal is private? (in percent)

0: marnameow, pdcawley, corvus, nik_w, timwi, n_true
1-5: pne, nassus, uon, marketeer, cugami, sparkofcreation
6-10: bride, marikochan
11-20: (no-one)
21-50: (no-one)
51-90: (no-one)
91-99: (no-one)
100: (no-one)

7. Is it OK if I announce your answers by name in a separate post?

(Most people said "yes".)

8. Any other comments?

  • A couple of people mentioned custom-groups-of-one-person.
  • One person mentioned that their sister has an online journal which they know their mother reads, so they post mostly friends-only in case their mother decides to read theirs, too.
  • n_true mentioned that he sometimes writes in other languages and/or alphabets, which also has the side-effect of protecting those entries from many other people :)

So in summary, a fair number of people use friends-only posts, and the tendency is to make either fairly few (10-20%) or most (>70%) entries friends-only.

Reasons are varied; the most popular among the ones offered was "when it's about a sensitive subject". In retrospect, perhaps I should have offered, "because there are certain people whom I don't want to read my journal" which also seems to appear a certain amount (and which I've also seen in the userinfo of some people—who sometimes add something along the lines of "If you want to read my journal, I'll probably add you", implying "if I can make sure you're not one of those people I want to prevent from reading my journal").
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