Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


A number of years ago, Heise Newsticker linked to a service which provides abstracts of books (mostly business-related ones), so that people can read the most important parts (according to the summariser) of a book in only five to ten pages.

The reason they were mentioned was because of a promotion they were doing: during the time leading up to German elections that year, they provided free abstracts of the main parties' political statements.

I thought that was an interesting service, and downloaded those.

Every now and then (especially around election time), I wonder whether they still do that, but I could never remember the company's name. However, recently another blog linked to a company called GetAbstract, which I believe might have been that company. (They don't seem to have anything appropriate when I search for "Policy & Current Affairs" books written in German, though.)

Still, perhaps that might be useful for other people. (Though you'd have to be willing to shell out several hundred dollars a year for their service.)

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