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First day of Java Servlet training course

I'm sitting here in Berlin; it's the first day of the Java Servlets / JavaServer Pages training course my company kindly sent me on.

I've been a bit of a know-it-all a couple of times already, but on the whole, I think I've behaved. I also try not to show off too hard.

I did, however, correct the instructor after he pronounced "query" as /kjuri/ a few too many times.

Our test servlets didn't work outside the "examples" directory (due to a missing entry in the web.xml configuration file?)... "it used to work with the previous version of Tomcat" is, IMO, not a terribly good excuse for an instructor. Putting the newest version of the software on the CD for the students is a good idea in principle, but he should probably still have tried it out beforehand so that we wouldn't waste the time trying to find out why things didn't work.

Lunch was OK (and free!) at a cafeteria belonging to the IHK, in another building.

Oh, and I realised how much I had come to like my default environment... Servant Salamander, gVim, Opera, etc., now that I'm on a machine that lacks them. Thankfully, they have an open Internet connection so those programs and a couple more such as PuTTY were only a few browing steps away.

Update: Apparently, the following is necessary:

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