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Training, day 2

Midway through day 2; recapitulating.

Yesterday evening, when we got to the hotel, Swetlana and I each got a double room, since there were no more single non-smoking rooms available. Apparently, the top two floors are exclusively non-smoking, which is a nice idea. Our rooms are just opposite the lift, which makes for short trips in the mornings but is sometimes a little noisy.

Breakfast was fairly good. The room where it was served was very nice. There was not a whole lot of variety (for example, scrambled and hard-boiled eggs but no sausage or bacon) but it was fairly decent, and there was also a variety of fruit to choose from.

Yesterday evening and this morning, I read in the Servlets book we got with the course and saw that most of what we learned yesterday was in the book, too -- and a lot of the stuff from this morning, as well. The trainer did say he'd follow the outline of the book but I wonder a bit what the advantage is over just having the book and trying things out.

To be fair, this way is possibly a bit faster because you don't have to slog through the entire book (or even the first five chapters, which are the basics), and you also have someone who can (theoretically) answer your questions.

This morning, a lot of time was calling various informative methods (getServerName(), getMajorVersion(), that sort of thing) on ServletContext and HttpServletRequest, which was interesting but perhaps not that helpful.

Let's see what the afternoon will bring; the trainer said he'd get us to answer client requests. Perhaps we'll also do authentication/authorisation stuff. (BTW, the trainer is staying at the same hotel as we from Hamburg, and he took us there last night and back this morning in his car, which was nice.)
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