Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

pne gets 5/10 from Google

I just noticed that my journal has a Google PageRank of 5/10 (according to my Google Toolbar).

Not bad, I suppose. (Or is that even "pretty good"? I'm not an SEO person and don't know what PRs are good and which are rather average.)

(And that's not just the the rank of LiveJournal itself, since the main page is ranked 8/10, for example.)

I noticed my PageRank when I clicked on "Related Pages" on a LiveJournal site which was pointed to by an external search term (though the user's journal itself is not indexed), and found "about 31" links related to it, of which my journal was one. So I thought that if my journal shows up on such a short list, Google probably thinks moderately highly of it.

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