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Philip Newton

A very special day in Amy's life

Today is a very special day in Amy's life (though not, perhaps, one she's been looking forward to for weeks :D).

Today was the day Stella decided to wean her completely (she was already down to one feeding a day, in the morning). She had originally planned that for the sixth of March (when Amy turned two-and-a-half), but since Amy wasn't doing too well, Stella thought it would be better to wait until she was healthy again, that her morning nursing would help her get over the bug she had.

At any rate, she decided on today. She tried to tell Amy about it, that there would be a last day, though I'm not sure how much she understood (I'm not sure what her concept of time is, for starters). She also said Amy could pick out a new toy.

So we set off to Toys “Я” Us yesterday and showed Amy the stuffed animals. At first she picked out a giraffe that was nearly as tall as she, but she dropped that immediately as soon as she saw some Biene Maja plushies. She settled on Willi, who appears to be her favourite character from that series (though he's "only" Maja's sidekick, rather than the main character). A bit later, she wanted a Caillou plushie, but we talked her out of that one because he wasn't very well made. So in the end, she went home with Willi.

Stella had begun giving Amy mineral water a couple of days ago (which Amy rather likes, calling it fizzy water, or shushu-mafa (from Sprudelwasser)), in an attempt to provide Amy with more calcium, since she doesn't like dairy (especialy milk and cheese) except for an occasional yoghurt.

So Stella had prepared a little bottle of mineral water on her nightstand, and when Amy came over this morning and asked to nurse, Stella offered her the mineral water. After Amy repeated her request a couple of times, she finally accepted the substitute, though. She asked a couple of times more in the course of the morning, but on the whole, she seems to have handled the situation fairly well.

It remains to be seen what the next couple of mornings will be like, but she seemed to accept the cut-backs from four to three to two feedings a day fairly well each time, seemingly understanding that each particular time of day no longer came with nursing.

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