Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Amy's progress (with weaning and language)

Amy seems to be adjusting fairly well to no longer nursing.

This morning, she came into Stella's bed again ("Mami, hoch!") and asked to drink as usual, but was immediately satisfied when Stella gave her the bottle of water.

A couple of minutes later, she asked for more water ("Mehr Mafa!") rather than milk.

Speaking of which, while her speech is making progress in general, her word for nursing got less recognisable over time. It was something along the lines of ['diNkN=] ([ˈdiŋkŋ̩]) for a fair bit, which is not that far from German "trinken" (drink), but gradually got reduced to something like ['N=?N=] ([ˈŋ̩ʔŋ̩])—completely without vowels! Though since we got used to the various more and more simplified forms (and since context disambiguates), we can still understand her. Not that it helps her now, since there's no more Mummy's milk :D

As for size, she's still where she was in February: 84.5 cm (33¼ in/2'9.25"), though maybe it's already 85 cm (33½ in/2'9.5") now.

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