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Amy: language and bed

I recently asked UK English speakers what to call the thing I had previously called a "stroller", since I wanted to use a UK English word.

I was a little disappointed that the majority answer was not what I had been expecting :) Apparently, "pushchair" is the most popular word for both types of stroller shown in the poll, though "buggy" (what I was hoping I could validly use) showed up a little as well.

I decided to settle on "buggy" for (1) and (3) and "pushchair" for the simpler version in (2) (aka "umbrella stroller" in US-ese). Let's see how Amy copes with my changing usage.

One of Amy's phrases is "Ich auch!".

I'm not sure what to teach her for that in English. The problem is that what seems most natural is "Me, too!", but the prescriptivist side of me isn't sure whether to allow that. (Your father has taught you well.)

On the one hand, English isn't Latin -- nor even German. But I'm still worried that what may be the most natural respone will get her looked down at by some. (Even if "I, too!" sounds horribly stilted and contrived to me.)

You can't win.

(What do you think? "Me too"? "I too"? "So do I"? Something else entirely? "I reject your prescriptivist reality and substitute my own"? FWIW, context varies, but something like "I'm going into the living room to jump on the trampoline! -- Ich auch!" can probably be taken as typical.)

Amy has a new, higher loft bed now -- one that she needs to climb up a ladder to get into.

She accepted it immediately, and even asked for her old bed to be taken out of her room so that the new one could be in the same place.

Stella wanted something over it, a kind of net or something, to stop Amy from falling out, especially when playing around on the bed with other children.

We bought a kind of tunnel (some cloth with flexible rods, similar to a tend, which form a half-cylinder over the bed) which belongs on an IKEA bed and attached it to hers. That was last evening.

Amy liked her "cave" (as she's taken to calling it) a lot -- but refused to sleep under it. So we took it down again.

We thought that might be because it was put up not long before bedtime and she hadn't adjusted to it, and perhaps she would like it more later on.

This morning, she woke up and asked where her cave was. Stella put it up again after church, and Amy liked it again. She also said she'd stay there for her nap. (Not sure whether she ended up sleeping; Stella and I did, though.)

Then in the evening, she climbed up the ladder after family prayer and hugs all around, and we thought everything was fine. But no, ten minutes later she was calling for Mummy and asking to sleep on the ground rather than under her cave.

She couldn't express what was wrong or why she didn't like the cave, though. I lay down on her bed next to her and sang to her for a while. When I had had enough, I asked her whether she would sleep by herself now in her cave. She said she would, but didn't seem very happy about it.

When Stella looked half an hour later, Amy was asleep -- but she was lying sideways in her bed, by the ladder, just outside the canopy. So maybe she just really doesn't like it when she sleeps, though I'm not sure why.

I wonder how this story will continue.

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