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Philip Newton

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Today was the first time I ever talked to anyone on my friends list over the phone -- n_true had posted his telephone number and I accepted the invitation, though a day later.

I was totally nervous :) because I didn't know who would answer the phone and what it would be like. But in the end we managed to get a conversation going (mostly about languages and writing systems).

I decided to ask him for his address[*] so that I wouldn't just stammer around or say something like, "Well, you invited me to call you, so here I am, uh, um...".

([*] Die Adresse wollte ich sowieso gerne mal haben, aber trotzdem kam mir das gelegen als "Konversations-Aufhänger", um zumindest irgend etwas zu sagen. Nur, dass du jetzt nicht denkst, ich hätte nur danach gefragt, um überhaupt irgend etwas zu sagen.)
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