Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Should Daddy give Amy a biscuit?

I've noticed recently that I speak to Amy a lot in the third person, both when referring to herself and to me: "Daddy's going to do this"; "Amy is putting her doll into the shopping trolley"; "Should Daddy give Amy a biscuit?" etc.

In German, she's started using ich a fair bit, along with mein, while in English, it's Amy and Amy's most of the time. Since she seems to have grasped the concept of "I"-referring-to-who(m?)ever-is-currently-speaking (rather than always to the same person) in German, perhaps it's time for her to start using I and you more, rather than names.

Still, it's hard to break out of a habit that I've formed, unconsciously, for quite a while.

Tags: amy
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