Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

My day

We went to the bedding shop, saying that I wanted to return my mattress because I felt that my shoulder hurt after sleeping in it. However, the nice salesman persuaded me to give it another week's try, and if it still didn't work, he'd exchange it for a new mattress with a special shoulder area that's a bit softer, which usually costs €100 more than the one we bought, and he'd throw free shipping into the bargain -- but he said I should try to get used to the one I have first, since after having lain on the old one for years, it's started to mould itself to my body and while this means that it's comfortable, it's by no means new any more.

So long story short, I'll probably give it another try (minus one night where I'll be in Wolfsburg again) and see how it goes. Probably on Stella's mattress (same as mine, only she already took off the plastic covering, which means it'll adapt a bit more readily to your shape and weight).

In Karstadt, a buxom young lady offered to clean my glasses for me; apparently, a colleague of hers and she were presenting a new kind of glass cleaner solution. It took her quite a while and several applications of her magic spray to get my glasses clean (apparently, a fair bit of the time was spent removing residue from the moist lens-cleaning cloths I usually use, which she didn't have many good words for), but I must admit that afterwards, the lenses were very clean. We ended up buying a bottle of their stuff (at a 33% discount from the MSRP, since it was direct from the manufacturer and it was their last day there).

In the evening, we went for a little bike ride together, with Amy sitting in the new... cart thingy we bought that attaches to the rear axle of the bike. A two-seater, so that Erik can sit there, too, when Stella is looking after him.

We went down to McDonald's, had some food (yay coupons! though the young lady behind the cash register wasn't sure how to enter the promotions and it took her a bit), and rode back.

Unfortunately, it had started raining while we were there. Fortunately, Stella had brought my rain trousers and rain coat, so I put those on, and stayed fairly dry. (Except for my arms, which were wet -- not from rain, though, but from sweat. Reminded me of my mission, where I rode bikes every day on Cyprus, and when it rained, I often had to decide whether to pull over my raincoat and get wet from sweat, or leave it off and get wet from the rain.)

I think that was the first time in months that I've ridden(?) a bike.

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