Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Alea iacta est

I just ordered the linguistics books from Amazon (cashing in my gift certificate), as well as a couple of programming/software engineering books (PHP in a Nutshell [since I'd intended to have a look at the language for a while], C++ in a Nutshell, Programming Ruby (Pragmatic Programmer's Guide), and The Mythical Man-Month).

(And it turns out I should've ordered the books last week, or whenever I started worrying about it, because the books in my shopping basket rose in price by about €10 together since then, due no doubt to a combination of exchange rate fluctuations and Amazon's personalised pricing [or whatever it's called].)

I also ordered some books on Maltese from (I particularly liked their 25% off bundle offer on Beginning Maltese and Concise Maltese-English-Maltese Dictionary!)

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