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The mattress saga, continued

I put several towels under my pillow to raise it higher, so that my shoulder wouldn't be under so much pressure.

I think my shoulder liked it, but I'm not sure whether my spine did. I'm not certain what the best posture would be. Also, I'm not sure what bits of hurty in my back are from last night and what bits are simply sore muscles from the massage yesterday (she warned me that I should expect soreness in muscles that had been tense for ages and were being pushed into a more natural position for the first time in yonks).

Anyway. Not sure what to do -- keep or return?

I've half a mind to return the thing and get the one with the softer shoulder area, in the hope that that would fit me and that would be the end of it. (The salesman, who had been unfailingly kind so far, said that if I did another exchange, that would have to be the last one because otherwise it'll start getting too much of a hassle and expense.)

On the other hand, I'll be away most of the day today in Bremen, and I'll be in Wolfsburg next week, so it'd be awkward to arrange for me to go there. Perhaps I should phone or something.

Argh. It's a messy situation.

I wonder whether the "shoulder" mattress would be the same height as the ones we have on the beds now... it might be weird if Stella's and my mattress, lying next to one another, were of different heights. But having a mattress that causes either of us pain is not so good.

(FWIW, Stella's said her back pain has come back from the nights of lying on the still-packed-in-plastic-foil mattress that's theoretically mine, while I've been lying on the unpacked one so I can assess it more realistically. So that's not good, either.)

I wish I could predict perfectly which mattress would be best for my shoulder. Because I can't tell from lying on one for five minutes in a shop, or even necessarily from one night on one, since the salesman says everybody takes some time to get used to a new mattress (though a week should do for many people).

Because I don't like the hassle of exchanging and returning and trying out a new one any more than he does, I think. But I don't want to buy a new mattress that will make me hurt -- I'd rather go back to using my old one. (Which he tried to persuade me strongly not to do -- it'd likely be lain through and, in the medium run, be worse for me. But still.)


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