Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Random memory

Once upon a time, there was a LiveJournal clone site called MindSay. (It's still around, but it's no longer a LiveJournal clone.)

They had customised the site a fair amount; it was the clone that least resembled LiveJournal from all the ones I knew. (For example, they had implemented a new style system which they called "v2" or "S4".)

But some parts were still very similar, including the support board. I did support there for a while, and after a while got supporthelp and supportclose. (There were very few people doing support at the time -- maybe three or so who were at all regular, plus one of the guys who ran the site.)

One request I remember is of someone who was offended by a particular community that counted down the days until Emma Watson (who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films) turned 18 and would "be legal". As I recall, I told him that there wasn't anything MindSay was going to do about the community and that they were free to post their countdown even if he disagreed with the practice.

Tags: random memory
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