Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

To have or not to have

I just read in this comment:

I'd write
mae ganddi hi for 'she has'
mae ganddo fo for 'he has'

and it struck me how similar it is to Maltese: jien għandi "I have", hu għandu "he has", hi għandha "she has". Purely by coincidence, of course, but still fun.

(And also how the construction works out: apparently, in Welsh, "I have" is literally "Is with me", and in Maltese, "I have" is also "(I) at-me" (with "is" understood, e.g. "at-me a table" = "at me, there is a table" = "I have a table"). Though AFAIK you can also treat it like a verb and, for example, put an optional subject pronoun in front, so you could have "jien għandi mejda", or literally "I at-me table".)

Tags: maltese, welsh
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