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Our DSL router is doing yo-yo impressions

So my new computer is up and running since the monitor arrived yesterday (interestingly, perhaps, the two monitors and The Sims 2 arrived in three separate deliveries — I imagine all the HPDH books really messed up the Post Office's schedule yesterday).

However, the Internet connection has been going down at irregular intervals of around 15 minutes since last afternoon, and when I left the computer on overnight, apparently not much happened after I went to bed: it went down and didn't come back up by itself.

Since the telephone was also affected (connections sometimes cut off during the middle of talking with Stella), I suspect the router.

It hasn't acted like this before, and I'm wondering whether Azureus is the culprit, which has been downloading ISOs of Slackware, Knoppix, and Debian yesterday afternoon. (After rebooting at one point for unrelated reasons, the Internet did seem a bit more stable until I restarted Azureus, which would support that connection.)

Still, shouldn't a DSL router be able to handle a couple of hundred connections, 7 Mbps throughput, and port forwarding of one TCP and one UDP port to a connected computer? Hm.

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