Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Fun with participles

While taking notes for a talk tomorrow, I wanted to copy down Er heiligt jene, die umgekehrt sind und sich haben taufen lassen (he sanctifies those who have repented and who have been baptised) but didn't want to write so much (longhand, with a pen).

So I turned to Greek and aorist participles and wrote down heiligt τους μετανοήσαντες κ' τους βαπτισθέντες. Whee, concision through participles! (Had a to think a sec about the grammar, since I first thought of the citation forms, μετανοήσας & βαπτισθείς, and had to think about the inflected form. I may well have made a mistake there. No matter, since it's more of a note to self.)

...and then I was so pleased with myself that I composed this LiveJournal entry; in the time it took me to write this down, I could have copied the German text verbatim thrice over.

(And then I tried to think of an expression for that situation; yak shaving came to mind, so I checked Wikipedia. The article was just a pointer to Wiktionary, and the discussion page pointed to that and the Jargon File. However, neither entry was satisfying, so I went through the history of the Wikipedia article and picked a likely revision and found more information. Basically telling me the phrase wasn't what I was looking for, but there's another minute or three down the drain, during which I could have copied the phrase long-hand several more times...)

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