Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

LiveJournal auto-post

What did they do to Acrobat Adobe Reader?
They used to have a little icon at the bottom are now at the top.

Why do people have to keep changing UIs after users have got used to having one, I think :) And my usually-nervous driving had improved quite a bit at having some experience several days in a row.

It was also interesting to see that there were two different verbs involved, and that Jesus used both of them (αγαπώ in the first place, so that I didn't just have to complain but could actually do something about it.

Or triple yay: yay for Wikipedia having an easily extractable source of the data available for processing now is from 1900 census forms).

I've tried it a little so far, and it can be better and more economical than paid public transit).
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