Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Time, gentlemen, please

AT&T will stop providing a "time" service (aka "speaking clock") through a telephone number -- the end of an era.

Cute little story, including the names of a few people who were the "voices" of the Speaking Clock at various times.

ETA: I just saw this comment on the article on Slashdot about this :

My seven-year-old daughter had never heard it. I read the LA Times article this morning, dialed the number nostalgically for myself, and then went and explained it to my daughter. She had all these questions, like "By the time they say what time it is, isn't it already over?" and "Do they do it every second?" I had imagined that it was just part of our universally shared culture, but it was obviously a completely foreign concept to her. I dialed it for her and had her listen. She listened and smiled at me indulgently.

And that made me think. I've imagined it was "part of our universally shared culture", too, but with people such as a guy I knew who didn't even wear a wrist watch (he'd check the display of his mobile phone if he wanted to know the time), I'm probably wrong.

*sigh* I feel old.

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