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Opera gone AWOL

For some reason, my Opera browser has started acting up: whenever I try to open a page, it just does nothing and sits there with an empty page.

It started yesterday, while I was reading my friends page: links I opened from that page in background tabs (the way I've done for years) suddently started being blank. Also opening a new tab and putting in a URL does nothing; no loading, nothing. Not even opera:about does anything!

I'm really frustrated, because I've used Opera for most things on this machine, and while I still have Firefox (and it works), I'd still like my Opera back, please. (Opera would also crash every couple of days since I got this Vista machine, which was also annoying. Fortunately, the "session saver" feature works. At least, until yesterday -- the tabs are still there but are blank.)

Especially annoying when Opera is the browser I used for LiveJournal.


(Am now using Firefox and getting hit with the fact that Ctrl+Mouse1 and Ctrl+Shift+Mouse1 do exactly opposite things in Opera and Firefox -- I usually handle this fine and use the right modifier key for each browser but long habit has made me not think because LiveJournal friends page == Opera.)

ETA: A "repair installation" didn't work, either.

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