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In which a desk is Freecycled away

Over the weekend, we Freecycled away an old desk I got from my grandfather.

At various points, it had been in use as a changing table for Amy, her "wardrobe", and Stella's computer desk, but in the end, Stella wanted to get rid of it since it's pretty big and took up space she wanted for something else.

So since we figured we wouldn't be likely to get much for it on eBay (since you can't ship it at a reasonable price), we decided to Freecycle it.

Got two emails within the first hour, and the first person to reply got an email back and we arranged for a pick-up on Sunday. So this guy and his girlfriend (he had sent me the email, but it was for her) came over, took a look at it, and carried it back out.

They were happy about getting a desk; we were happy they took it off our hands. Win-win if you ask me.

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