Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Email address on web pages

Piers cawley posted on his blog about putting email addresses on web pages.

Among other things, he quoted a conference slide which said, It’s 2007. Every spammer has your email address. Put it on your goddamn webpage so people can get ahold of you about interesting things. He also goes on to say, in reference to his habit of putting his email address in clear text, complete with mailto: link, Yes, I get spammed, so will you. So do you, I’ll bet. But I’ll pay the cost of making it easy for spammers if it also makes it easy for people I want to hear from to get in touch with me.

That made me re-think a couple of my websites. I mean, I already get spam in the first place and have spam filters to deal with that; on the whole, they do a good job (and when they err, it's nearly always on the side of false negatives, i.e. spam in my inbox, rather than false positives, i.e. ham in my Junk folder). So I suppose I might as well go back to being more open about my email address.

What do you think?

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