Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

ISH 50-year anniversary

My old school is celebrating its 50-year anniversary this week.

Yesterday evening, there was a "cocktail function" which I went to—and I'm glad I did.

Stella said I shouldn't expect to meet any students I know; after all, it's in the nature of an International School that its students disperse to the four corners of the circular globe after graduation. Also, I sometimes feel a bit out of place at social functions and end up just standing around.

However, I spent nearly all of the three hours I was there in conversation with teachers and students and had a great time, so I'm well chuffed.

I only met a few students I remembered even vaguely—Mascha Litterscheid (who poked me on Facebook a while ago and gave me the idea to look for other alumni there), Inès Huber v. Katzler, Liam Domitzlaff, David Humbird, Tycho de Graaf, and Gaby Bremer. I'm particularly glad I met Tycho; he was one of the few friends I had at school (I wasn't a particularly social person).

I did meet quite a few teachers, though, nearly all of whom remembered me, too, and most of whom were still teaching at ISH; it seems it's a pleasant place to be. These included at least: Allan Wilcox (headmaster for most of my stay) and his wife Mavis; Marion de la Houssaye; Jean Brusch; Johanna Rosenwald (German and French, IIRC); Christiane Bernd (German; she was embarrassed not to remember me, but then, it's been 20 years); Sally Draper-Tough (Biology); Pat Frickey (my third-grade teacher); Jenny Krüger (my first-grade teacher); Raj Roy (maths) and his wife Renu (kindergarten); Brian Gray (history) and his wife (who's now teaching ICT, though I think she wasn't a teacher when I was at school); Mr. Dove (history); Bob Sutcliffe (Chemistry); Martin Hague (English, then head of Secondary School); Mr. Hunt (English).

So, yes, it was right la fun.

A number of people invited me to the dinner/dance on Saturday evening, but I won't be going; I find €75 a bit much, and I'm not good at the whole evening thing since I'll be tired, in a bad mood, and possibly depressed for the next several days. I contemplated going to the groundbreaking ceremony at the new site (where the school expects to move to in 2009) this morning, but haven't decided for sure yet. (Partly because of inertia, partly because I don't want to "spoil" the nice time I had last night.)

Many of the teachers know Felipe, though only a few realised he was my brother-in-law. (Mrs. Gray had only good words for him and said she didn't know what she'd do without him.)

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