Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

English breakfast

This morning, Stella cooked breakfast for me on the occasion of my birthday.

Bacon, scrambled egg with chives, fried mushrooms (though not of the type I call "English mushrooms" -- the ones that leave black marks on the plate) and fried tomatoes, accompanied by toast with butter and marmelade. Oh, my.

That made me happy :)

This morning, we went shopping. She bought me a new strap for my wristwatch since the old one had fallen to pieces, also for my birthday. We also inquired after a mattress cover for my allergy.

While we were shopping, we met Harald and Anika. Anika greeted us with a hug, as she usually does. That made he happy, too ;) I like being able to hug girls I like. And I'm glad they and we are such good friends. We'll be seeing them again tonight for my birthday party.
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