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Bunch of ingrates

Ever since I got a nice quick ADSL upstream (1024 kbps -- fast enough for me), I like to keep my BitTorrent client open when my computer is on, to seed the things I downloaded.

Now, a little while back, I downloaded an open source DVD and an open source games CD provided by a German computer magazine. I was a bit surprised and disappointed that there was no BitTorrent option (I ended up using GetRight to download in parallel from several of the mirrors -- getting those out of the web page with its autorefer pages but no mirror URLs in plain text was hateful, but that's another story -- and for its resuming capability), so I created a .torrent file with Azureus and uploaded it to The Pirate Bay.

It didn't take long and I had some peers downloading both files.

Now Azureus tells me I've uploaded the games CD 9.7 times over and the DVD 4.6 times. That means that several machines should have a full copy now, shouldn't it? Yet it tells me that there are 1 and 0 seeds in the swarm, respectively, which I interpret as meaning someone downloading the ISO and then disconnecting.

Bunch of ingrates.

(Perhaps I was too idealistic. This was the first time I seeded something, and perhaps this behaviour is to be expected, and/or I'm misanalysing the data.)

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